Traveling Constantly can Teach you a Lot

  • Photo taken from airplane over the jungles of the Central African Republic

I have spent several years traveling to countries that I never dreamt of visiting before starting my job as a field engineer. From the deep jungles of Africa, modern Europe, the Middle East, and South America, I have seen how much each country is special in its own way.
As a matter of fact, politics and history have a great influence on each location I went to. Together with the location’s geography, the lifestyle of peoples are built in such a unique way that sometimes it feels that you time-traveled or left this planet.
I will be sharing my personal experience of what I saw, who I met, and what I concluded from every trip to over 50 locations worldwide.

Equally important to the visits to the targeted locations is the way that I used to get there. A lot of adventures were encountered especially while I was going offroad through uncharted roads in order to reach a destination. In a likely manner, areal travel was not that simple as well. With sandstorms, heavy wind and rain, fighting between passengers, missing flights in underdeveloped countries, and long-range flights, being a passenger on a plane was for me a challenge by itself.

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