Switzerland… Simply Stunning

Switzerland - Geneva Fountain and Bridge

Starting at Geneva

My trip to Switzerland started at Geneva. The beauty of this country starts from the view seen from the airplane’s window. I was in Switzerland for a 5-day business trip, but my schedule was not fully loaded and I had time to travel around. To me, Switzerland was equal to chocolate, Swiss knives, and watches but there is more to it.

  • Switzerland - Geneva Fountain (Jet D'Eau)

Upon reaching the lake in Geneva which is next to the hotel that I was staying in, the first thing that I saw was the “Jet d’Eau” at the side shooting upwards and reaching heights of up to 140m. In the background, I can see the French mountain chain along with the Mont Blanc. Next to the lake people are walking, jogging, holding hands, eating ice cream, reading… everything is so peaceful. From time to time, you’ll see an expensive sports car passing by. I sat next to the marina and planned my visit to some museums and shops, but time was scarce and I ended up just looking at the vitrines.

On the next day, I decided to go to Gex, a town on one of the hill peaks which border Geneva. On the road uphill, cyclists were peddling their hearts out to reach the top where some people were sitting and having picnics. At the end of my road, I reached a ski resort which looks marvelous even without snow. Following my visit to Gex, I decided to go to Mont-Salève which is located on another peak. The view of Geneva from the top was picturesque. There was also a takeoff location for paragliders and a nice restaurant next to it.

Yvoire and Lausanne

  • France - Ivoire

Over to the other side from where I was, a French village called Yvoire captured my attention. After the reviews that I read, I decided to visit Yvoire on the fourth day. I can summarize the few hours that I have spent there in one word: breathtaking. The view of the lake, the marina, the old houses and roads, the excellent restaurants, I just did not want to leave. I felt like I was in medieval times or in a Harry Potter movie.

  • Switzerland - Lausanne

On my last day, a had some hours to kill. After checking the time needed to reach Lausanne, I went there but my stay was short. After what I saw in Yvoire, Lausanne’s beauty was minuscule, although, on a scale from 1 to 10, Lausanne ranks at 8. I will surely visit Yvoire again and I am planning to stay there for a week.

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